Culture, the environment and the climate emergency

Culture, the environment and the climate emergency

How to act in the field of local cultural policies and management

Baltà Portolés, Jordi (Autor) / Bashiron Mendolicchio, Herman (Autor) / Julià, Marga (Coordinació) / Gargallo, Laia (Direcció) / Roig, Aina (Direcció)
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Diputació de Barcelona

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The set of transformations caused by climate change in the natural environment is having increasingly evident effects and situations such as those caused by the continuous rise in temperature, the decrease in rainfall in the Mediterranean region, the increased
risk of fires or the worsening of air quality, among others, are likely to increase if urgent action is not taken to reverse it.

The purpose of this report is to provide local governments and other cultural actors with a broad perspective on the connections between culture, the environment and the climate emergency. Barcelona Provincial Council believes that all areas of public policy should incorporate a climate emergency perspective across the board. In this case, approaching it from the field of culture enables investigating and promoting ways of thinking and acting that contribute to mitigating its effects and to generating practices aimed at improving the balance of ecosystems.

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